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I can remember two D/T Scotts being demonstrated at BMF Peterborough Rallies, maybe 20 years ago, and if I remember rightly, the Jim Gregory bike had a Velocette LE radiator.
The one I had, ex-Derrick Genge Shire, was in very good order apart from the lead-filled rotten forks, and the rotten wheel rims from contact with the damp floor in Stanford Hall Museum, but I didn’t find out about the forks for quite a while ! Derrick did tell me the horror story of badly burning his foot with molten lead, but never told me what he was doing with it at the time, and I had assumed he had been “lead loading” some car body work. The production records in the VMCC library detail things like type of magneto, tyres,( usually Hutchinson Cord ), gears, if any, in the gearbox, carburettor, etc.. For some odd reason many had no frame number, perhaps because they thought it was of no relevance for a purely off-road machine. A VERY odd detail emerged when the perished tyres were removed, original looking Hutchinson Cord…..There were three security bolts to each rim, very necessary with beaded-edge tyres, but instead of being separate items they were moulded into the inner tubes !!!
Steve Lomas at Five-One Wheelbuilding has rebuilt hundreds of vintage wheels, and he had never seen this detail before. The tubes were also Hutchinson Cord.
I had a big problem locating 28″ beaded edge speedway tyres, and literally scoured the world for them, with no success. I had to settle for Coker button tread tyres, which are made for Indian, Harley, and Crocker board-track veteran racers in the USA. Not enough tread for the cinders, but OK for static display. and maybe gentle use in demonstrations.
Another thing that I never got to the bottom of when doing my research, was to find out what the differences were between the ‘R’-Type engines used in the D/T bikes and those used in TT Replicas and Sprint Specials. Were they intended to run on a different fuel, such as ‘Dope’ or Benzole ? Was the porting different ? Still no firm answers all these years later !