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Norman Nippy

Thank you very much for that Roger,i can see that the Scott scene
is full of very friendly people!

and to everyone else who has helped me out.

Thanks for that list,shall be copying it and posting it up in my shed(oh yes i have my own!)

unfortunately,i have no spark.

i believe that there must be a regulator somewhere in the circuit,but i cannot find it,so think its missing.

i could really do with a wiring diagram,or a simple circuit to just connect the mag up to the plugs.

basically, the mag is a Lucas(will check type in a bit)with the mag and points below with a kill switch facility, and the dynamo above.
should there be any wires(earths etc) coming from the mag itself?
on the dynamo there is a POS and an F next to two terminals,only the POS had a wire on it,but of course cannot presume it is correct.

if you have an idea of what could be wrong id love to know!

thanks again for all your kind words,i managed to save a few quid in the bank account to join the club,but im going to be working some serious overtime this month!

all the best,
Dan Rodd