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Kevin N Bayliss

Richard, it’s not the effort that’s put into these events that’s at question, I personally am trying to look forward to next years gathering, as most frustration is from a lack of communication in good time resulting in members booking up for other events holidays etc and are then unable to attend.
RM might not have Internet access but surly one of his helpers does??.
40 booked for the weekend is less than what I would have thought, how does this compare to previous years?.
Although in majority most events like this have very little theft, when members are used to being able to have their bikes securely locked over night at Abbotsholme, then some may forget to bring a security device, how would your insurance company deal with a loss that was not secured?.
Maybe some will think I’m out of turn or should just keep it shut, but can the club be successful without changes and up to date information being freely given. Over the years membership has dropped and new younger members are getting few and far between. By keeping things static, what is the incentive to join? Most company’s that do not change with the times fold, what’s the difference. Kev