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Martin Heckscher

[attachment=2]Scott sidecar brochure, late vintage, page 2.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]Scott sidecar brochure, late vintage, page 3.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]Scott sidecar brochure, late vintage, page 5.jpg[/attachment]Dear Eric,

I have attached 3 pages from what I believe to be the 1928 Scott sidecar brochure. By this time Scotts had discontinued the earlier triangulated chassis which is illustrated in one of John Underhill’s books. They now offered a lightweight & a heavyweight chassis – the easiest way to tell the difference is the twin tubes at the rear of the heavyweight, whilst the lightweight made do with one. There is no suggestion in the brochure to indicate that either chassis should be fitted to a two speeder or duplex model.

The sidecar designs were similar to earlier versions, but now had revised model numbers. They were manufactured by Haywards who were part of the AJS organisation. Haywards also supplied other manufacturers including Ariel, Norton, Sunbeam etc. In Stephen Mills’ excellent AJS history there are photos of sidecar production and the models are clearly the same as those illustrated in the Scott brochure.

A couple of years a friend in Yorkshire offered me a slightly later Scott sidecar, probably 1930’s, but he didn’t have a chassis. It may or may not still be available.

[attachment=0]Scott sidecar brochure, late vintage, page 5.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]Scott sidecar brochure, late vintage, page 3.jpg[/attachment][attachment=2]Scott sidecar brochure, late vintage, page 2.jpg[/attachment]

Best wishes