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I took the carb off –(quite a success I only lost one ¼ washer to the crankcase) I poked the requisite holes with a wire – an act of faith since I could not tell if any were blocked. Checked the slide lift on the screw was 1/16 fitted new carb port gasket
Only lost one more washer putting carb back 🙂
Carried out procedure, kicked till I lost all feeling in leg.
I shall clean plugs drain crankcase (in case its grunged up) check sparks and wait for a either a pusher or some quick start But it begins to look like I had better spend some time on the Belt drive Douglas for Banbury (that started straightaway after 18 months) . pushers are thin on the ground in rural Oxfordshire.In any case 4 miles since it was built is not sufficient testing miles to ensure reliability. this week end it must be sorted or I must make my decision. my next big event is the KOP hill climb so I can only hope that things improve by then.
NB Interesting the difference in opinion about slide at rest position I had read don’t use the slide limit screw because of overrun but Mr Marshals 1/16 makes sense to me thinking about it