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Steve Gibbon

Hi Martin,
I did not intend to imply that “the committee was ridiculously out of touch with the membership and the modern world”, those words were certainly not mine. No insult was intended, so I apologize if my post could be read as such. I appreciate that the committee is giving up their time to run the club and that it is a job that for one reason or another, many of the membership would not want to do.
My post was intended to be a constructive observation.
I fully agree with you that the groundswell of membership opinion expressed at section meetings does not necessarily tally with the opinions aired on the forum.
However, I would point out that the same could be said for opinions expressed at section meetings and even the AGM. It has been pointed out elsewhere in the forum that attendance at section meetings and the AGM is fairly low, so opinions expressed at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of the membership as a whole. I venture to say that people who attend section meetings and certainly the AGM are a “vocal minority”.
The only way to get the views of the entire membership is to hold a ballot. Even then, many will not use their vote, but in not voting, they will have expressed a view (i.e don’t care).

I will leave it to our section secretary to feed back the views of the South London Section, but my take from last week’s meeting was that no member expressed any support for the committee’s action with respect to the forum, while the majority expressed views against.