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😀 Hi Martin! No one has thought, or even suggested, that the Management Committee are “Out of touch” with popular opinion. Indeed we are all well aware of what it takes to run such a prestigious club as the Scott Owners Club. That is why a “Vocal Minority” are so passionate about saving the SOC. I am one of those vocal minorities who aren’t in the SOC. Why not? Coz I’m the Editor of a vibrant and expanding free Scott Newsletter. We are immediate, we respond quickly and are welcoming to anyone with an INTEREST in the marque. We aint trying to put down the club matey. 🙄 We are trying to steer members towards you. Why dont we all work together. Roger Moss has asked the SOC to use our copy free at anytime. We have asked, indeed invited, the Editor to use the newsletter to spread the word. There has been the response of a membership application form. Thats fair enough son but it aint proactive by any stretch of the imagination! 🙄 (and Ive got a big one! Imagination that is) Cheers Mate! Ted
And, as my final “Swansong” on this forum. May I be allowed to quote the late John Griffiths (much lamented Chairman of te VMCC) who faced a similar situation. ^How many of our members actually ride thier bikes? How many still can!” 🙄