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🙄 Hi Guys and Gals!! To my surprise Ive had quite few messages, phone calls and emails on the procedure at the AGM. From the 6 replies it seems that a properly constituted motion was put before the AGM under “Any other Business” It was proposed and seconded by SOC members but was veto’d by the Chairman because it was not put before the Secretary beforehand 😈 . Now, as Secretary and latterly Chairman for 8 years of my local branch of the RNLI, and with this experience behind me, I find this surprising and curious that an item bought up at an AGM cannot be voted on. However, and I repeat, its none of my business. I see from Brians reply above that the decision has already been taken. I leave to others to comment on this. But lets move on to the sunny uplands of pastures new! 😀 All are welcome to take the Online Scott Newsletter!!!!!! 🙄 Cheers Fans! Ted 😀
PS. I can, in retrospect, quite see why the General Forum will be closed. At least the SOC wont have to read my ramblings anymore. I suppose it will be rather peaceful (to quote from another forum message) “Behind the Drawbridge!