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I’m told that just 27 members attended the AGM, apart from the Committee, but perhaps some didn’t sign in ? This is the lowest figure that I can remember in over 30 years of not missing an AGM, and I have to ask myself WHY ?
Just 27 out of about 650 is, I know, a better percentage than the VMCC achieve, but it is not good or healthy. We have to consider all sorts of reasons, from the cost of petrol/diesel, not being provided with a buffet, members thinking “Why bother, it’s a Limited Company now, and democracy, like nostalgia, ain’t what it used to be”, or “We can now air our grievances on the Website and not have to go to the AGM”, etc., etc..
Perhaps it is just a symptom of a general apathy and indifference pervading many clubs such as ours, where all the old enthusiasm, comradeship, helping one another out, and so on, is fading away.
What can we do to rekindle all that enthusiasm and stop all the moaning and backbiting !?