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dave bushell

I agree with your comments Steve and Brians first reason. I didn’t attend the AGM for medical reasons, but I would have been quite angry if the open forum matter hadn’t been discussed.
I disagree with Brian, in that I don’t think all the old enthusiasm, comradeship, helping one another out, and so on, is fading away. There may be some drop off on the enthusiasm front which I would put down to ageing membership. At 76, I’m less inclined to ride the distances that I used to when I was younger, (I don’t like trailering a bike that is capable of doing the distance, even if I’m not!), but I’m still enthusiastic and willing to help out any member or potential member if I can, and I think that goes for many others. I think that the management committee should bite the bullet and admit that this time they made the wrong decision. In all other aspects, they do a great job for which the membership should be grateful.