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As I understand the situation, the decision had already been made, prior to the AGM, by the Committee, and it was NOT up for voting on at the AGM, even though there was a lot of discussion on the subject.
This was apparently because no proposition had been put before the Club Secretary to ask for a vote on this subject, and so the Committee was under no obligation to change the decision that had already been made, and therefore the decision was not reversed, to some peoples’ chagrin, and to other’s satisfaction…..
As I said at the beginning, that is just my understanding of what occurred, and I may be quite wrong. I can certainly see why conflicting reports of what happened are circulating, and can only suggest that members wait until the Report on the AGM is printed in the next Yowl to see what the official version is. Non-members will no doubt get it second-hand and possibly garbled, another good reason for JOINING THE CLUB….