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Thanks Gentlemen!

1. Its good to know that Scott engines can sometimes be unresponsive to a/r. It has been breathed on by Roger so, as you say, may not behave as standard in any case.

2. I stripped the carb as it felt to me that the pilot was blocked but it made no difference. I removed the jet block and made doubly sure that all the fine drillings were clear. The main jet is a 190 and the needle was 3 notches up so as they should be. As it sounds like this behaviour is not normal I guess it must be the airscrew adjustment (I left it set as it was) or a worn needle and/or jet block. I’ll have a play with the pilot adjustment next year (the bike is parked up downstairs now) and see if I can get it better. I’m actually used to running with no tickover as my old GT750 triple used to buck like a bronco on the over run with expansion chambers fitted so (as many do) I wound the tickover right down. The problem with the Scott was that small throttle openings were just not enough to keep the engine running and its rather all or nothing. Brian -thanks for the offer of borrowing a carb. I will take you up on that next year if jet adjustment doesn’t sort it.

3. I did suspect the black gunk in my gearbox could be causing the difficulty in gear engagement in addition to the very loud ‘clonk’ on down-changes. Again, its great to know its not normal behaviour. The clutch is not a joy to use either at the moment so I was planning on stripping the clutch/transmission down to check everything and get to know the bike better. I suspect that the gunk was added for the reason and that oil ends up draining out through the seals 😛 I have lots of receipts going back to the 70’s for lots of engine & chassis stuff but nothing relating to clutch and gearbox so I suspect they are due a freshen up!

4. It could well have been induction roar that was making me feel a bit nervous. I’m not used to ‘open’ intake systems. I look forward to being braver with the throttle next year 😀