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Thanks Brian.
So, the spacers that I have seem to be correct ; the 3/4″ with the aligning dome on the brake plate and the other (smaller) spacer on the sprocket side.
Everything on the frame seems to be square and the wheel certainly aligns vertically. However, various spacer alternatives (using multiple washers) does not get it correct. The best central alignment of the rim means that the brake plate will not fit (simply too far to the right).
Perhaps a visit to a wheel builder is in order, before I go any further.
I assume that, with the spacers fitted (which are the same as the drawing on Page 69 of The Book of the Scott – I assume that the TT Rep brake is the same as the De Luxe and Squirrel, except it has the fins on the drum ), the rim should simply be set centrally to the ‘spacer/hub/drum/spacer’ unit.