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Ian Palmer

I’m not sure if you have managed to find a speedo yet, but I have just bought a Cowey speedo for my 1930 FS tourer (80mph) in excellent order. Black face with trip.
He had another 3 Coweys that he was willing to sell, two were 80mph and one was 100mph (this one looked very rare).
There was another black faced 80 mph speedo which was also in excellent condition, although it needed the inside of the glass cleaning as it had a little dust, the bezel was chromed with a few marks but no dents, trip worked fine, the black casing needed repainting.
The other 80 mph was an earlier model with a silver face which needed cleaning. I don’t think this one had a trip.
The 100mph had a very unusual trip which was around the outside of the dial and was reset by turning the bezel. The face was silver but slightly faded and may have needed to be refurbished depending on your your type of restoration. Brass bezel was good with no dents. The casing was good but needed repainting or polishing.
He wants £500 per speedo, which sounds a lot, but they looked to be in very good workable condition.
If you are interested, I could put you in touch with him.
I took pictures of all 3, although the files are too big to load up. Send me your e-mail and I will gladly send the photos across.
I believe he also has some Cowey external drive gearboxes and drive cogs not sure of the price though. As I already have these, I didn’t ask, sorry.