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Helmets are a big issue with me too. The grandchildren take the mickey when I wear my “pudding basin”, and I just don’t like full face helmets for various reasons, they are heavy, and so increase the inertia of your head in an accident, thus putting more strain on your neck vertebrae, they reduce vital peripheral vision, deaden perceived traffic sounds, and visors mist up in traffic. At the risk of inviting rude remarks, I must also reveal that I have BIG problems getting one to fit comfortably as I need a XXXXL size !! Now quite a few manufacturers list that size, but finding one in stock anywhere is like searching for a needle in a haystack. My old full-face helmet was falling apart, and I recently tried to find a replacement, but failed miserably, so I compromised and decided to get a ‘jet’ style helmet, which I am very pleased with. In my RAF Regiment days, they managed to find a beret to fit me, but the Kevlar combat helmet had to be specially made for me, and was alleged to have cost nearly £1000. My son is still in the RAF, with 23 years service under his belt, and he had exactly the same problem, and was told the same thing about the cost of his helmet, topped off with the remarks that he has “the biggest head in the RAF”and “Don’t you ever lose that helmet!”. I console myself with the thought that it is all brains, but have yet to find the ‘ON’ switch.
All this is nothing to do with Scotts, but at least it is about motorcycling….