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I’m very pleased that my suggestion to fit gauzes did the trick !

As regards the Amal 276 carb, this is basically the same as the 6/151R fitted to Flyers, except of course for the horizontal fitting and clip instead of flange mounting, and a Super engine will not be too different from a shortstroke Flyer in its fuel needs.
I would agree with 6/3 slide and 190 main jet, and would fit a new needle as wear on them is easily missed. The worst thing for a Scott or any other two-stroke is to run weak, so I usually fit the needle clip in the middle notch, and this is rarely far from being correct. As the late Jim Best was always saying “I like ’em to run a bit rich”. Petrol is cheaper than pistons….
The pilot air screw should be gently screwed all the way in and then screwed out one and a half turns, and if the carb is in good order this again is usually about right. I always have the throttle-stop screw backed right off so that it doesn’t touch the slide, otherwise you tend to get snatching on the over-run.