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Thanks Richard. This information very much tends to confirm my theory that this bike was indeed the one sent out with Varey and Jefferies. I wonder if any trace of the Buenos Aires Police bikes survives. So much got melted down in the Second World War in this country, in the relentless drive for scrap metal, but in neutral countries stuff had a much greater chance of surviving. Perhaps I am being cynical, but I bet that their fleet of Scotts did not have a very long service life ! It would be interesting to see what was subsequently sent over there in the way of spare parts in the early 1930’s.
I can remember when I was in Belgium in about 1961/2, the police were still using WW2 ex-US Army Harley-Davidsons, while everybody else seemed to be on 50cc mopeds, including quite young children…… There seemed to be virtually nothing inbetween 50cc and the 750cc of the police bikes.