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Yes, and I think it is entirely kosher. It was sent originally to ‘Vignoles’ in Argentina, and I think it has its original engine, etc.. At the time in question Frank Varey and Alan Jefferies were in Argentina, making a LOT of money demonstrating Dirt-Track/Speedway racing, and they also demonstrated a road bike to the local police, which resulted in the biggest ever peace-time order for Scotts, and the Buenos Aires Police ordered 35 to 50 machines (that figure varies in different sources). I have a sneaking suspicion that this was the machine demonstrated to the local police as there is no other evidence of a single machine being exported to Argentina before this one !!!
The actual police order bikes were quite strange, and I have a photo of one batch all lined up at the back of the factory ready to send. They have high-rise handlebars, footboards instead of footrests, a Pyrene type fire extinguisher mounted on the R/H side chainstays, and I think I can see sirens, but they might also be Klaxon horns.
In the factory dispatch books this particular machine is a very odd entry, as it is well out of date order, and instead of the usual neat script, it appears to be done in indelible pencil, or even perhaps a crayon. Perhaps it was sent originally on a rather ad hoc, informal basis with Varey and Jefferies, and then formalised at a much later date. All just my theory, but the dates fit……