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Martin Heckscher

Dear all,

As your Scott contact within Bonhams, may I point out that in addition to the project lots and spares mentioned by Eddie a few days ago, there are three other Scotts in the sale: lot 284 is a c.1928 Flyer, lot 285 is a 1929 Flyer, and lot 286 is a 1926 Super.

The spares will be sold on Saturday 23rd April, the sale commencing at 1pm. The motorcycles will be sold on Sunday 24th April, the sale commencing at 11am. For more details please refer to the website: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/23600/?department=MOT-CYC A search for “Scott ” will bring up all the Scott items.

Hoping to see lots of old friends at the AGM on Saturday.