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Hello Dave,
I currently have one and three-quarter swashplate oil pumps here. They are not mine, but I hope to acquire one of them for my next project, a sort of 1934 semi-Grand Prix/Flyer. About 25 years ago ( ? ), I did own another one, and that came complete with control cable and a little chrome-plated splitter box, but I have no idea if that was original. I think that we have to ask the question “What bikes had twin carburettors, needing a twin-pull twistgrip, in the early 1930’s?” I can’t think of any, except for a handful of Brough Superiors fitted with the “Two of Everything” JAP engine; two carbs, two magnetos, and two Pilgrim oil pumps. I can’t recall seeing one with a twin-pull twistgrip, and so they might not even have existed at the time, and so a splitter gizmo would be essential.