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Yes, that issue is included. Whatever induced my late brother-in-law Doug Wright to write that rubbish I will never know. That bike has no connection whatsoever with Billy Moore. John Hartshorne created it in 1960, buying a bare 1931-1933 Flyer frame from a man called Joe Tite in Leicester. Dave Ward supplied the Webb forks and front wheel, both from a cammy Velo. The rear wheel came from a 1929 Flying Squirrel Tourer, but I don’t know where the tanks, engine, gearbox, etc., came from. John just claimed the U6 registration number, and got it because things were then much more lax. That number was eventually sold, and the bike was re-registered as 988EUT, which it still carries, (in the hands of Martin Heckscher). Doug’s fairy tale didn’t come from John, but John did buy a two-speeder and sidecar in circumstances similar to those related in the article, years before the creation of the pseudo-Sprint Special.