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The reason that George Reed looked so dapper is that he was a master tailor, and made his own togs, including I assume, his ‘cow pat’ flat hat. He bought his Scott new in 1919.
The machine has indeed lost its original number, which was DN-9, complete with a hyphen, and become 498BDN in recent years. Make of that what you will….. I bet that number was worth a bob or two !
It has also ‘lost’ some original fittings, including the Brookes leather-fronted tool boxes, and the elegantly shaped Scott leg shields. Even in George’s ownership it was something of a ‘bitsa’, as it had the much later front drum brake in those days, instead of a poor caliper brake, like a push bike.

P.S. I’ve just had another look at the front of my VMCC journal, and perhaps I can see leg shields, but I’m not too sure.