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Nice to see that George Reed is remembered, but the mystery of the registration remains. Having turned out half my bookcase, I finally tracked down a picture of Mr Reed and his Scott, ( not where I thought it was at all) in a little VMCC booklet called “Vintage Motorcycles Illustrated” sold by the VMCC ( at three and sixpence !). It shows the gentlemen himself and his machine with some vintage cars in the background. It is DN-6 alright ( with toolboxes ) although interestingly the booklet identified George as “George Read, who started motorcycling in 1902 and won 6 successive Gold Medals in London-Edinburgh trials”.

Regarding the activities of Mr Perce Webb and his “Rem Fowler Norton” , having done a lot of research on the family history, I can state that I have no connection with that gentleman. Certainly not
since 1807 anyway, and, unlike messrs Grriffith, Allen and Cohen and their bloomin’ Norton, I have all the paperwork to prove it!


Malc. Webb