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For anyone interested, there are two very nice photos of George Reed and DN-9 on page 121 of “The Vintage Motorcyclists’ Workshop”, a truly superb book by “Radco”, alias Frank Farrington, ISBN 0-85429-472-4, first published in 1986. The details such as the toolboxes, stylish ‘works’ legshields, R/H exhaust with fishtail, etc., are clearly visible.
If you haven’t got this book, and see a copy at a reasonable price, GRAB IT ! One of the very best books I have ever purchased, and I still refer to it quite often after 25 years of owning it.
If you Google “George Reed + master tailor”, you will find a very nice potted biography of this gentleman (1874-1971), plus some photographs of him with and without his beloved Scott.