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Scott ownership is a real test of your patience, perseverance, and fortitude, and soon finds those lacking in those essential life skills. Once properly assembled and tweeked, a Scott is a delight, and has NO equal.
The gaping MAWR that is the bottomless pit between the crankchambers can supply spare magneto chain links, 1/4″ BSCY nuts and washers, red fibre washers for the carburettor banjo joint, to say nothing of pebbles and oily feathers, bits of straw, and unidentifiable detritus. Anything ferrous is best retrieved with one of those little magnets on a telescopic rod, a must for a roadside repair toolkit. “Mawr” by the way, is Welsh for a large mouth, a coal pit, big hole in the ground, etc., even the mouth of a whale…. (Can also just mean ‘big’). “Maw” in English just means a mouth. In the Star Wars films “The Maw” was a collection of black holes, so be it Mawr or Maw, it is a good word for that Scott void !