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Roger Moss

As this open access forum will be closing, I might as well do something that I have avoided doing for fear of offending the SOC management.
And that is to put some links to past newsletters in case anyone does not receive it and would like to sample same.
Before I do, I will repeat
The objective of the Newsletter is to offer copy that is hopefully interesting and informative to prospective future Scott owners as yet beyond the reach of the SOC.
We recommend membership of the SOC to all owners
If existing owners and SOC members wish to take it also, they are very welcome.
Why indeed should they not receive an extra free publication that seeks to share the passion of Scott ownership.
The only necessity is to contact me at
and advise me when they change ISP’s

05-01-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_30.pdf
13-03-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_31.pdf
22-04-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_32.pdf
21-06-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_33.pdf
23-07-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_34.pdf
20-09-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_35.pdf
20-12-2011 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_36.pdf
01-01-2012 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_37.pdf
15-03-2012 https://www.mossengineering.co.uk/newsletter/Scott_Newsletter_38.pdf

We put a considerable amount of time and effort into this with the help of much appreciated copy from subscribers
Kind Regards