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richard rawson

i have been a member of the SOC for only for 2 years as a new comer i have found all the members very helpful last year i was at stafford and saw a man sitting on a chair with a scott by his side i started to ask him questions about my scott silk which had not been run for 30 years he did not ask me if i was a member of the SOC you have to remeber it is not easy for us newcomers he just started advising me what to do with the engine as a novice he took the time which to me and my freind who has just bought a brum scott from a ex member and had his pants took down(the engine is a total mess) he is not a member but can find out technical bits from people like some of the members i have got advice from in time when he gets to trust the club he will become a member
i have now bought another scott and still have not got one on the road so long as people can get advice from anywere the scott motorcycle will survive