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chris wastell

OK. I’ve got my money back so I can now give MY experience with the Thorspark electronic ignition. First one ran for about 3 minutes, bike stopped. Spark on switching on but no spark when cranking. Rang the supplier, he’s abroad, no answer. A week later he answers and agrees to replace the unit after I’ve returned it to him. 10 days later a replacement arrives. This time the bike runs very roughly for 10 minutes, stops, same symptoms as before only this time time I did not check the spark just knackered my knee trying to kick start!
Mr. Thorspark got very stroppy when I asked for a refund but eventually agreed under protest as he has sold “thousands”.and the’ve all been great. Now I’m waiting for a mag rewind so I hold my hands up to all those who advised that in the first place, I would have had it done by now. 🙁