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Kevin N Bayliss

If you get in touch with Bill at Brightspark magnetos he will send you the correct slip ring as he did for mine, then you can do a comparison. Don’t forget the drive rotation is from the driven end, so mag-dyno driven from engine sprocket will be clockwise.


Just check the points are the right rotation also.

[attachment=0:393eu88b]Lucas L and R points-448×245.jpg[/attachment:393eu88b] The heel of the cam (fibre bit) should always be behind the points pivot point when rotating. So pic on left is clockwise points but anti clock on driven end, the pic on right is anti clock points but clockwise on the driven end, (this is how yours should look assuming you have the drive chain to the engine and not the clutch drum). You do not want to be running it too much with wide open points. Kev