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Hi John,
Roger has beaten me to the draw with his reply !! I do indeed have some J.U. drawings of toolboxes somewhere……Finding them in my mountain of stuff is another matter, but I will have a delve and see what I can find. It should be mentioned that the 1927 Flyer toolboxes were quite different to the 1928 ones, in that the earlier one had parallel sides, whilst the 1928 version was tapered, with the sides following the angle of the upper chainstays of the frame. I have a photocopier and a scanner at home, and if and when I find something I will post copies to you.
I also have hammer blocks for making two-speeder and Flyer/Rep type final drive chainguards, which came from the late Ron Mainprize, via John Thompson. These were offered to any takers at an AGM, but nobody was interested at the time. There is also a pair of oak hammer blocks for making the front mudguard fork indents on Flyers with Webb forks. They come with a minor ( and treated ) woodworm infestation, so are probably very old. At least it isn’t Xestobium rufovillosum, (Death Watch Beetle )…….