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I appreciate the information that is shared by the different members, although the problems they are related to are not mine, but I log the information as very useful up in my grey matter. A thank you goes a long way to making people feel that they have contributed even if they didn’t solve the problem for the other member. These days we rarely use torque wrenches but more of torque turns. We don’t set points or even use a timing lights because the computer adjusts all that to suit and gives us codes to tell us vehicle faults. As happens to all – we live and die, but what a loss it is when the knowledge that has been acquired over a lifetime goes to the grave with its owner. I sat down with my father one afternoon and he filled me in on everything you need to know about a T- Ford and what is required to service it and maintain it. Antiquated information, but it was his passion and I enjoyed hearing his stories of his younger days and what vehicles he built out of scrap during the depression. Although it seems that you might be giving information to deaf ears take heart, there is always someone listening who will appreciate it. Regards Kevin. Age 57.

The youngster is myself pictured with my father.

A more recent shot