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I can only agree to Oldguy. The question for Excessive Fuel Consumption came from me. I myself have had several Laverda motorcycles and experience with this brand for over 20 years. For this Bikes I would never ask for fuelconsumption or the wright Oil.
But new is for me my Scott I bought last year. Of course I have respect for this old lady and would not want to go wrong. Therefore, for a Scott newcomer like me, recommendations for the right oil and fuel consumption are valuable hints that help me familiarize myself with my Scott.

Apologies to Barry but your attitude I feel as not very attracted to other club members to animate novices like me to help.

Excuse me, too, to all those who share their knowledge with me. I should have answered, as was addressed at the beginning by Bob and Tman that belongs to a good manners.

Fortunately I found in the Scottsworld a lot of people who answer to my questions

Especially I want to thank to Roger Moss who answerd very quick and very very very helpfull to any (for someone booring) question I wrote to him!