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I’ve just looked up that 1963 article, and as is often the case, then got distracted by other interesting articles, and so continued reading onto further issues from over half a century ago. Lo and behold, in the August 1963 issue (Volume 3, Number 6, Page 10), there is a ‘follow-up’ piece that includes a good photo of Tommy, with a front view of his machine that, sadly, gives us little or no technical information. There IS however some technical information in the text, and I was surprised to read that the machine only had a three-speed gearbox, (footchange by then), and I find it hard to believe the bit about the pressurised radiator with ‘steam valve’…
Although Tommy finished the race, he said that he was about 35mph slower than the fastest machines, with a disappointing top speed of only 85mph, and he was lapped by Stanley Woods ! The last Scott to take part in the Senior TT, with lots of A E Reynolds input of course, but there were Scotts in later years in the Manx Grand Prix, notably the 1938 event, with a fastest-ever lap by a Scott at over 71mph. The glory days were long gone…..