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Hi everyone,
got access to the forum now so can inquire more.

To answer your question David, I usually only have interest for sunbeams of the 1937 era and mid 70’s urals (don’t ask) but while chatting to a guy in the bar I work in re IOM TT as he plans on racing a sidecar outfit there soon one of the barmaids mentioned that her great grandfather came third at the TT but didn’t know that much more. Due to my interest in bikes and therefore the TT I did a bit of research and managed to find footage of him racing and some other info so basically go hooked on finding out more about him and his Scott.

Up to now I have found out he did some trials the TT and it seems mainly he was a speedway racer at Warrington where he won and then at Manchester.

The girl is going to get some of his memorabilia for me to have a look over and I’ll take some photos and share with every one but I thought I would ask about and then collect all I find together and share with relevant places like the iom tt site that doesn’t have much about him and also the speedway and wiki pages. Seems a shame not to put a good history of him together and then make it all public.