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@lewis onions wrote:

Hello Antonio,
A 1913 Scott would be started as follows :
1. Switch on the fuel by way of the tap at the bottom of the fuel tank.
2. Flood the carburetor – the Scott carburetor is flooded by lifting the nib on the top of the float reservoir rather than the more usual “tickling” by depressing the nib;
3. Set the right-hand handlebar controls with about quarter throttle and no air;
4. Adjust the left-hand handlebar control to advance the magneto;
4. Sharply depress the kick start on the rear wheel by foot.

If this fails fiddle with the handlebar controls at various different positions until the engine fires.
if this fails find a friend to give you a push start
If you have no friends push the bike yourself whilst running along side on the right hand side, at the appropriate speed cross right leg over left and dab the HI/LOW gear pedal at the same time launching yourself by left leg to land astride the bike now (hopefully) running.

Simple !

Well… it sounds amazing! There’s something magical in these steps… Thank you so much!