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Hi, Are the two holes the same diameter ? When the Best and Lloyd Mark 2 oil pump was introduced in late 1925, for the 1926 ‘season’, it was realised that with the pump only having a single outlet, the cylinder with the most suction would get most of the oil, and the other side would be starved… So they fitted inlet unions with restrictor holes, calibrated so as to equalise the oil flow. It was not really satisfactory as the settings for a new engine would not be correct when a few hundred miles had been covered. That is why the B & L pump was soon dropped and replaced by the double outlet Pilgrim Pump. A pity really, as the B & L is a better pump than the Pilgrim. Having lost the Scott business, B & L tried to claw it back by devising a system with one of their pumps set to maximum flow, pumping to an adjustable pressure relief valve with a return pipe to the oil tank, and the flow to each half of the engine controlled by sight-glass adjustable drippers. However that would have been a lot more complicated than the Pilgrim Pump, and I dare say more expensive too, and as a consequence it wasn’t adopted. I have the original 1928 B & L blueprint drawing for the proposed system. I keep thinking that it might be worth trying it to recreate it, as it could solve some old Scott problems….