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I’m currently rebuilding a sister machine, 29 TT3, which still has its original registration number WX 179. It looks very similar, but has always had a 7″ Webb front brake, rather than the 8″ version shown on the bike in the auction. It has been a very difficult rebuild, without doubt the hardest of all the Scotts I have restored, and that includes three 1928 Senior TT works bikes. I have ‘known’ mine for over 25 years, when it was owned by Derrick Shire. When Derrick died it was bought by David Earnshaw, who sold it in 2003 to ‘The Vintagent’, Paul d’Orleans, from San Francisco. He handed it over to a professional restorer, who got the frame powder coated, badly, but at least it prevented any corrosion ! He also bought a pair of Roger Moss cranks, but then work ceased, when he realised that there was a mountain ahead. After several years went by Mr d’Orleans lost patience and interest, and it became ‘available’. Paul Rickards tipped me off about it, knowing of my passion for the bikes made in the Competition Department of the Scott factory, viz a number of Sprint Specials, a Dirt-Track bike, and then four Isle of Man Senior TT bikes. I bought the project, and collected it from Glasgow, stacked in several smelly old fish crates, about four years ago. It has been a long and expensive slog, but I am nearly there, and hope to have it done for Abbotsholme.