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Cheers Keith,
I will bear that in mind, the engine had only been run in the stable prior to the first tentative road trip after a total mechanical rebuild including all chassis components. I had left the paint, I like ’em looking their age.
Anyway, there was a surfeit of oil in the wells I think, and a destroyer could have escaped through the smoke.
Plugs were black and very oily, however after a 9 mile trip, they had burnt back to a dark brown insulator, bright thread face and relatively oil free. Smoke was acceptable.
The problem with a new build however, is that giving it large is not conducive to longevity, so following Amal’s advise to set WOT first is not an option.
I have twin Concentrics, Moss head, pistons and barrel, so normal ballpark settings are out.
What I would say however, that considering this is a rigid frame with girders, it is amazingly stable and comfortable! 😯