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Just going through the old Yowls as well and fount another interesting person. In Volume 3 No.4 (March 63) is the Czechoslovak painter Kamil Lhoták on his 1926 Super Squirrel. He was very interesting person, one of the first people interested in vintage vehicles already back in the 20’s (even made his own magazine, all drawn by hand in one example only). He was painting old motorcycles, cars, planes, old airports, balloons. And of course was riding motorbikes. He had at least two or three Scotts. For sure this 26 Super Squirrel, there is the photo and notes of the TT Rep and in the National Technical Museum is 1926 Flying Squirrel which was the gift of his friend, Dr. Mares (who had Scott as well and was making the trips with Kamil Lhotak), but Kamil Lhotak’s son says this was his fathers bike as well. Well, hard to say now, but still very nice to find Kamil Lhotak there.