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Took me some time, but I found some informations. Not sure if it’s correct, maybe someone who has original webb forks for Scott could confirm? This is information I found couple years ago:
Overall length from centre of top fork spindle to centre of  (1/2 inch diameter) wheel spindle :     16.750 inch                 
Length from centre of lower (friction damper) fork spindle to centre of top spindle :       9.000 inch
Width over fork at top spindle :     6.062 inch 
Width over fork at middle spindle (damper discs):      6.280 inch
Wheel mounting width between 1/2 inch wide spindle slots (inside legs) :     5.250 inch 
Brake torque stop/tongue is 1/2 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick.
Radial distance of middle of torque stop/tongue to centre of wheel spindle is 4.750 inch.