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I’ve used Barrs leak in other 2 strokes over the years and I think its impressive stuff. I had a nasty coolant leak on my RG500 between the crank case halves after the last full engine rebuild. It only showed up after the engine was really hot. It would have been a major effort to strrip the engine to re-make the seal. I tried a dose of Barrs leak and I have had no further problems over the last 10 years despite 2 coolant changes (with no Barrs leak). That includes loads of trackdays and an Easter egg run though town when it got REALLY hot.

Like yours, my Scott oozes coolant from various places. I’m currently running 33% antifreeze and I had leaks between the head/barrel and from the rad. Bars leaks dried up the head gasket leak but, alas, the radiator leak persists…..