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Geoff Case

Hi brian, Good story about the chair,etc, found in a VC10 fuel tank. As I live only a few miles from the runway at St Athan a fuel blockage could have resulted in a VC10 in my garden!!.. My VC10 yarn . 1975 ish. On tow from Padstow to Ilfracombe in a engineless 30 ft yacht.. Towed by 75 ft Ex services MFV, weather had been flat calm for weeks. After a few hours of being towed at about 8 knots, (too fast for our likeing),we settled down and started to enjoy the ride . Soon after a loud roar made us pay attention. A VC10 shot past quite low ,about 500ft I would guess!.. The boat towing us was owned and skipperd by a ex Air Sea Rescue Launch coxswain,and flying the flag of the service,as he is entitled to do. The VC10 crew saw this and went around again. This time they came up from dead astern, this time really low,big grins from the pilot, mutch waving from the MFV crew. Low you could count the rivets!!!