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lewis onions

Never had the problem – but then again I’ve never ridden up a gravel path. I think that there used to be a problem with trouser legs getting sucked into the carb mouth on two-speeders and occasionally you see a wire guard added to avoid this but even those guards would not stop anything but a large pebble. As a two-speeder’s carb. inlet is more exposed than the one on your bike (as the two speeder’s carb is mounted to the side of the engine) I think you can assume that gravel in the carb is not a common problem . I cannot recall ever seeing an air filter on a vintage Scott but if you must I suggest that a piece of wire gauze soldered in the bell mouth would be appropriate. Not sure whether it might not affect the performance though.

Good news about the pilgrim pump. Not long until the good weather now and then we can start the North Warwickshire section with an evening ride-out to an appropriate hostelry!!