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Very interesting Mr Moss.
I am reminded of a Mr Rip Van Wyk who, whilst I was living in Rhodesia, had a wooden leg made out of african mahogany mainly for it’s durability and resistance to woodworm etc.
However, he was astounded to find one day, after falling asleep under a mapani tree, that an african woodpecker had drilled a hole into his leg and laid a pair of eggs (evidently african mahogany is not resistant to woodpeckers, african or otherwise – this should be taken into account by anyone in Africa proposing the infill modification previously referred to).
Upon awakening, Mr Van Wyk, a motorcycling man and keen naturalist, not wishing to interfere with natures reproductive course, unstrapped his wooden leg and fixed to to the carrier on his motorcycle.
For some weeks the woodpecker could be seen following Mr Van Wyk’s motorcycle around and, whenever he stopped, it would settle on the nest to hatch the eggs ; with subsequent success I might say. One day a pair of fledgling woodpeckers flew off with their parents, much to the delight of Mr Van Wyk, who was then able to re-attached his leg and, immediately, became a more stable person.
I do not believe that Mr Van Wyk was a Scott man. However, had he been, and had he adopted the african mahogany infill modification, the story might well have been a very different one.