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Jem Wilcox

My project is a 1926 Super Squirrel which would have had a Best and Lloyd pump fitted when it left the factory. Unfortunately, a previous owners must have heard the rumours about the problems with that pump feeding two sides of the engine and fitted a normal dripper instead. He fitted A dripper, just one, which fed into the T piece and he left the restrictors in place and, worse, he left the atmospheric glands in place. This must be the worst possible set up; a dripper feeding through a restricted flow to two outlets fed only by the weight of the oil in the pipe.
If fitting normal drippers suction glands will, of course, be necessary so that the engine suck can be used. The different glands are described in an article by Glynn Chambers in Yowl, January 1972, and is available in Technicalities.
Will the drippers fed under pressure from the pump need atmospheric or suction glands? Will there still be pressure at the glands?
I am pleased to say that, through the good-will and friendly contacts in the club along with the restrictors and atmospheric glands already fitted, I will be able to replace all the missing standard Best and Lloyd set-up. That should be a vast improvement!