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I decided to go down the 12 volt path because the alternator on my bike was a mess. Broken spring washers inside the unit had caused the rotor to poll severely on the stator and the windings were torn to bits. I also purchased a negative to earth Bridge rectifier and Zenor Diode. There will be modifications to my wiring system but I will still be using a 6 position switch. I have a Classic Japanese enduro bike that I restored which has a 6 volt system. With a new voltage regulator it sill continued to produce to much charge for the headlight bulb to handle. We fitted, I think from memory a 1 ohm resistor in the circuit and the problem was rectified. The bike (Brum) shown is not mine, but I think the diode has been mounted underneath the bottom triple clamp. The diode will get warm but I don’t think it will be enough to cause a problem with the radiator. KP