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richard tann

Hi Jan

I am the Membership Secretary for the Scott Owners Club. For some time the club has been acutely aware of the difficulties that overseas members have in making payments to the club for subscription renewals, spares and the like.

At present I have a deal under consideration which would enable the Club to have it’s own credit/debit card scheme. Of course, the card companies don’t want to help the little guys, but if it comes to fruition, it will be a positive step foward for the Club.

Some overseas members do make direct electronic transfers into the Club’s bank account. If you contact me by email I will give you the necessary details.

I have a comprehensive list of members and those with email, but I will need guidance from the Management Committee on when and how and if this is to be issued. The Club policy at the moment is for complete confidentially for members which I have to respect.

Richard Tann