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Roger Moss

Hi both!
I have not figured out yet precisely how to post a reply specifically to one contribution, so please forgive a joint reply.
To Alan. It would seem that you are unusually observant! What happened was that, as I am producing considerably higher output than normal, I was having clutch slip problems. My response was to fit stronger springs and then a new clutch release system to lower lever pressure. I also stiffened the pressure plate that can deform under load.
To lower the torque that the clutch must transmit, I chose to replace the normal 20 tooth engine sprocket with a 22 tooth item. This is about as big as you can get inside the case profile. The ratio of flywheel is then 22 to 44 ie 2:1 It then was necessary to fit a 60T L section belt pulley to the outside of the clutch basket and make up a flanged 30T pulley for the mag. Hence 2:1 x 1:2 we get the synchronous timing we need.
There is a photo of the kit on the website.
To Derek.
If you do not anticipate using the 22 and 23 T sprocket and would consider selling them, this would be great. If you do not want to sell them, then I would greatly appreciate the loan and would naturally pay all postage. I am presuming from this that you are not located near the East Midlands UK
I have just rebuilt the brakes with new linings so if we lose a little on the straights, we can outbrake the opposition into the corners!
Kind Regards