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Roger Moss

Brian. Quite correct and thanks for reminding me. In truth, we are interested in preparing and recording the info and can present in whatever formats are most acceptable.
Neil. Your willingness to help is much appreciated. I will get the info and the initial disc and report back.
Brian. We certainly do not want to sideline the majority of members. However, when you consider how easy it is to communicate with this “Window on the World”, I can not help feeling that it could be a great boon to elderly members. You have conversation in your own home with members who share the same interests. Older members have a wealth of experience they could share with younger members.
I am intending to write a piece for Yowl about the positive aspects of the internet and how you start. It would be great if a member who is not knowledgeable about computors could receive a little assistance from a local member who was so knowledgeable. A bit of a pipe dream perhaps, but one way goes computor knowledge and in the process, so much traditional Scott lore could be passed on.