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Roger Moss

I received the message from Paul and wanted to help.
I rang John Underhill and asked him his opinion.
I put down what I understood and then copied it on to my website to keep this info in a prominent position.
If anyone finds errors let me know, and if anyone has similar info re two speed models, I would be happy to put it on my website. my answer follows

Some basic Scott information
Q What years were Flying Squirrels made?
A The name “Flying Squirrel appeared in 1926 and applied to both 2 and 3 speed models. From then till 1950 all models were called “Flying Squirrel” as a base model designation, but were then qualified by the variant name, hence “Flying Squirrel TT Replica, Flying Squirrel Sprint special etc.
Most Scott owners tend to refer to the tourer models as “Flying Squirrel” and, for example the competition model as the “TT Replica” and to drop the “Flying Squirrel part of the name.
Q What are the most desirable models?
A It is generally considered that the nicest models were made between 1927 and 1939 as they had good rider qualities and had not become overly heavy. Most desirable models would be the “TT Replica made between late 1928 and 1934 and the “Sprint Special made between 1930 and 1934.
Q What improvements were made in the course of production?
3 speed gearbox introduced in 1926 but was not perfect. Gearbox refined in 1927 and remained basically unchanged to end of production, with the exception of incorporating the Velocette “Willies positive stop foot change in about 1931. This device could be retro fitted to earlier models.
Q What’s the price range from basket case to concours?
A UK prices. Basket case from £1500 to concours £6000
Q What should one look for when buying a Flying Squirrel, potential problems etc.?
A Authenticity effects value, as all works records exist to verify if the model is original, or if it has been constructed from spares. Rubbings of frame and engine numbers should be sent to the SOC registrar, the world authority on Scotts,
Or if digital photos by email with size of characters marked c/o roger@mossengineering.co.uk
Q Where are the frame and engine numbers located?.
A Frame number on LH of headstock forging just below top headstock bearing area and on the section that forms a socket for the frame tube.
Q How many Flying Squirrels were made, and is there a breakdown for Mk1 Mk2 etc?
A Approx 16500 bikes were made totally, of which approx 10000 were tourer models generally referred to as “Flying Squirrels. 2500 are known to survive in about the same ratio of models as originally produced. New discoveries are made every year.
Q What’s the best thing about owning one?
A The deflector piston design gives a very flat and wide torque band.
A 600cc model gives about 17 / 19 bhp at rear wheel, but with a little gas flowing can be elevated to about 27 bhp giving a top speed of about 95 mph. The roadholding and handling are excellent especially in wet conditions. The engine is very smooth if properly assembled